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Kindness to Others

We cannot exist for long in this wide world without the help and support of so many others.  Just try to find how many different persons were involved in bringing to you your morning tea today: 

  • The tea garden owners, managers, technicians, tea tasters, labour,etc.
  • The many people who helped transport and deliver the tea to your town. People who work for the railway or trucking company in many capacities. Don't forget the original inventors!
  • The tea distributors and retailers in your neighbourhood, their employees,etc.
  • Your wife, mother, or domestic who went and bought the tea.

The count of people who helped bring your morning tea already goes to several thousands. However, to make the tea and drink it you also needed

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Pots, lids, strainer
  • Kettle or stove to boil the water
  • Gas, electricity or other energy
  • The inventors and scientists who originally conceived or discovered or designed all these things

Your count of people who helped you get the morning tea would already have exceeded a few hundred thousand (or lakhs) !

If you have patience toattempt to find the number of different people, living or dead, who helped you get so many other commodities, materials, devices, etc. to supply your 
"simple daily needs" you would, most likely lose count somewhere, but would  firmly come to the conclusion that even your eventless daily life involves the contributions and support of millions of people!

Far from having compensated them, you may not have even have been able to identify or count them. 

All you can do is to remember that every minute of your existence depends on so many other people. You would then feel grateful, and try to be helpful and kind to all you meet.