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To make the world a progressively safer, better and a more beautiful place for all to live in. In the short run, we shall try to curb crime and violence by balancing selfishness and conflict with cooperation between people, facilitating prosperity for all.  Kindness will be our magic wand !



Kindness means doing something good for someone else without any expectation.



  • Caring for oneself, or self-interest, is built into our genes and is necessary for our individual survival.
  • Human beings also show a tendency to give “tit for tat”, i.e. a strong reciprocity.
  • If we become proactive, and perform small acts of kindness when there is an opportunity, we are likely  to receive the kindness of others more frequently.
  • Cooperation and caring for the common interests of society and our environment benefits us in many ways and gives us our dominant position on the earth.
  • Caring for others comes naturally to us and kindness is built into the human gene. (There are good scientific grounds for this belief.)
  • Our behaviour in any situation depends on whether self-interest or common interest dominates at that time. Most of us are sometimes considerate and kind , and sometimes uncaring, unfair or even cruel.
  • The person who has formed the habit of balancing self-interest with common interest will be the kindest. Such balance, in all situations, comes out of the habit of always understanding our true needs in self-interest and in common interest, and this comes easily through habit.
  • The habit of balancing can be formed by consciously and deliberately doing random acts of kindness as often as possible, so that we experience the joy and satisfaction this brings to the giver and the receiver of the kindness. Random Acts of Kindness are small or large, spontaneous or planned, and always done without specially selecting the receiver.
  • Kindness is a healthy habit that benefits the individual as well as the entire society. It promotes individual success and happiness without detracting from the community or national interests.



Kindness Unlimited is not a formal organization, it is only a network of individuals who wish to spread kindness as an antidote to the increasing predominance of selfishness in the world. At present the network is limited to those who have Internet access so that intercommunication is instant and very cheap. In view of this, no membership dues are levied. One can join the network FREE just by filling the INFORMATION FORM.

 Kindness Unlimited provides online resources for all good people who wish to spread kindness and the habit of balancing self-interest with common interest among their own circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

 We also have useful resources which can form part of value education in schools at all levels, teachers and educationists are therefore specially welcome to join the network if they have access to the Internet at home or in their institutions.

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