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Role of Kindness in Business

Wherever people come together for achieving a common aim, kindness has a role. Kindness is the grease that reduces friction in an intricate machine that any modern business really is. It is also the catalyst that promotes smooth working of the enterprise.

Every business has an object:

To supply some need in the community or nation and to provide an income to its owners and employees.The owners may be just one or more individuals, many shareholders, or even the government. But a business may use scarce energy and raw materials that really belong to the nation, or even the whole world. It may create effluents or other pollution that may affect the lives of many not directly involved or benefitting from it.

Within any business several people with different social and educational backgrounds, with different political views, and different economic and moral strengths may come together. Unless they see some common objective they all share, they will not be able to cooperate to attain it.

Therefore in any business, apart from the owners and employees, the suppliers, contractors and the customers, the community - and in a sense the whole world - is a stake holder. The idea of "Corporate Social Responsibility" flows out of this fact. Enduring success cannot be assured without caring for the interests of all these. If and when they appear to conflict, a just solution has to be sought.

Within a business the atmosphere has to be of trust, mutual confidence and support. Backbiting and gossip, and all kinds of politics has to be brought under control as soon as it is noticed. All this is facilitated by promoting kindness within the business organization and in its transactions with all its stakeholders.

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