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Some Simple Ideas for Kindness

This page is updated very frequently. Your ideas are welcome and if selected they will be published here with acknowledgement. Simplicity and Novelty is sought. Email your ideas to My Kindness Ideas  

(Last updated : 01-09-2010

We all do random acts of kindness, the purpose of the present exercise is to do such acts more often by acquiring the habit of thinking of others in every situation. No inordinate self sacrifice is involved, and one goes in this direction exactly as far as one wants to. One never accepts great risks or discomfort in doing acts of random kindness.

Here are some examples which come to mind readily. Once we tread the path we will never lack ideas or opportunities. We may be doing similar acts already, the idea is to do them more often and form them into a habit.

At home:

  • Observe your domestics, try to make their work easier
  • Take interest in their personal problems
  • See that you never humiliate domestics.
  • Be very polite (though may be firm) with unwanted callers like salesmen.

On the street:

  • If walking on the foot path, give way to someone obviously in a hurry
  • If driving a vehicle, don't break queue and try to get ahead in a traffic jam
  • If you see an old or handicapped person, children, obvious strangers to the city,etc. trying to cross the road in heavy traffic, slow down and stop to allow them to cross
  • In the monsoon, drive carefully so as not to splash pedestrians with muddy water or force them to walk into the puddles to get out of the way of your car

In the work place:

  • Have a ready smile for your subordinates and for visitors, however irritating they may appear to you. Try to understand and accommodate them if you think fit
  • Walk out of you r cubicle/cabin occasionally to see if some visitor for you is forced to wait inordinately long. If this is unavoidable, either send him to someone else or at least make him comfortable, offer a cup of tea. Sometimes it may be possible to come out and sol ve his problem in a minute.
  • Take some interest and give an occasional hearing to your subordinates and their personal problems.
  • Praise the work or attitude of someone you work with

At any public place:

  • In any Public Place (Railway Station, Airport, Dentist's Waiting Room, a tourist or picnic spot, etc.) Look around and ensure you are not causing discomfort or inordinate inconvenience to anyone not in a condition to bear it easily. Surrender your place in the queue or waiting list to such a person.
  • If you are a smoker, see tha t your smoking does not cause inconvenience to others
  • Make a pledge to yourself that you will leave every spot tidier or cleaner than you found it on your arrival, and at least you will not make it worse}

Start Kindness Chains:

One can promote the habit of kindness easily by starting "kindness chains". When we do a random act of kindness, and the beneficiary thanks us, we tell her politely not to thank us but "Pay it Forward" by doing some kind act to benefit someone else, and to pass on these instructions for kind acts. This becomes esier with cards like this, which you can get printed cheaply or just xerox on card paper:


Front & back of card

Now it's your turn !

Do something good for another person, perferably a stranger.

Help build a better world by spreading courtesy and kindness

Kindness Heals

Spreading courtesy and kindness will help us have a more caring world to live in. Kindness brings joy to the doer and receiver. It brings tangible health benefits and builds up friendships


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