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Kindness to the Environment

Keely Smith, wife of Pierce Brosnan who once played James Bond in the Bond movies, said in an interview to Reader's Digest:
"Our environmental activism stems from a passion in two people who really care about our children. Protecting the environment is really about protecting their future. I'd like my children to be able to drink clean water and breathe clean air and live somewhere safe." Reader's Digest describes Pierce Brosnan as the best dad in Hollywood.

Mrs.Pierce Brosnan has beautifully summed up why we should all act to protect our environment and improve it. With the geometric growth of population we are witnessing a fast dwindling of resources necessary to maintain our health and well being even in our own times. In reality, environmental concerns and the actions arising out of them are kindness to ourselves and our progeny.

The earth is like a spaceship with all the resources to support life. These resources, however, are not inexaustible. To ensure continuance of life on this planet it is necessary for us to give thought to conservation of all resources, with a priority for those which have already become scarce. Our quality of life has already deteriorated owing to industrialization, urbanization and other developments during the last century. Many of us who were born in the early years of the last century realize the marked deterioration.

Action to protect, preserve and restore a quality environment is therefore an important avenue for kindness. There is a wide scope for individual acts of environmental kindness in many areas. You have to study all the problems and also the suggested remedies. You get a lot of information in the popular press, and we shall bring you more in this newsletter. One can then select one or two areas in which to become active by joining or helping some suitable voluntary organization. You don't really have to give too much time to it.

If it is really impossible for you to offer time and resources to voluntary organization right now, you can at least modify your habits and lifestyle so that you will at least not add to the deterioration of the environment. Watch this website for ideas in this field. You could very easily adopt some of them and help preserve our earth through kindness to the environment. 

There are no new prophets to solve present human problems and assure our continued welfare. However educated and enlightened people must follow and propagate environmental ethics which can save us from an otherwise certain catastrophe.

Kindness to the environment is really kindness to people, which includes your sons and daughters and all your descendents. Some very simple ideas for kindness to the environment: 

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