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How Kindness Helps


*                  Our definition of kindness is to behave with all persons just as you would desire them to behave with you.

*                  The above is nothing but the Golden Rule which is found in the scriptures of all religions without exception.

*                  It has been preached by Prophets from most religions, so that people had good relations with each other, quarrelled or fought less, and could work for each other in cooperation for the survival and prosperity of all.

*                  Researchers in Anthropology and Sociology have found that the human race dominates all creation because they are best in working together in cooperation.

*                  Our civilization, science and technology would not have been possible without such cooperation.

*                  No one can ever succeed in life and be happy without support from thousands or lakhs of other people in some way or the other. It is estimated that over 1,00,000 people, living or now dead, have made vital contribution to getting us our morning cup of tea!

*                  There are always some “freer riders” or “system cheats” who benefit from the work of others but make little contribution themselves.

*                  Such behaviour arises from undue attention to self-interest and little or no attention to the common interest, and hence less cooperation.

*                  We all need to attend to self-interest for our individual survival, but we also need to care for the common interest for survival of humanity without which no individual can survive for long.

*                  Each one of us has therefore to balance self-interest with the common interest of  society, but in recent times more and more persons are engrossed only in their self-interest. This is the real reason for increasing frauds, scams, crimes, terrorism, wars and all kinds of wars.

*                  Doing deliberate small acts of kindness can correct this by constantly forcing us to notice others and their interests. Gradually this becomes a behavioural habit.

*                  Kindness Unlimited has researched the cause of increasing selfishness, crime and violence in society and has come to the conclusion that only the propagation of frequent small act of kindness can reverse or at least control this trend.


Little acts of Kindness,

Nothing do they cost,

Yet when they are wanting,

Life’s charm is lost !


*                  Kindness Unlimited can assist schools, colleges, hospitals, businesses and industries to spread the idea and the need for individuals doing frequent small acts of kindness in the course of their work. Excerpts from the Reader’s Digest article (attached) show the nature of results we got in the first school we worked with. The article was independently researched by them without our knowledge. We now propose to work with public utilities and the police.


Kindness Unlimited




OUR LOGO (above left) shows a person walking a tight rope while balancing two loads which represent SELF-INTEREST and COMMON INTEREST. One can achieve this balance by making kindness a habit. Yes, it is possible, if only you want to!



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Updated on August 21, 2010

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